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Aim Tropical forests store 25% of global carbon and harbour 96% of the world's tree species, but it is not clear whether this high biodiversity matters for carbon storage. Few studies have teased apart the relative importance of forest attributes and environmental drivers for ecosystem functioning, and no such study exists for the tropics. Methods We relate(More)
The velocity of a 3 GeV neutrino beam is measured by comparing detection times at the near and far detectors of the MINOS experiment, separated by 734 km. A total of 473 far detector neutrino events was used to measure …v ÿ c†=c ˆ 5:1 2:9 10 ÿ5 (at 68% C.L.). By correlating the measured energies of 258 charged-current neutrino events to their arrival times(More)
We have measured the parity-violating electroweak asymmetry in the elastic scattering of polarized electrons from protons. Significant contributions to this asymmetry could arise from the contributions of strange form factors in the nucleon. The measured asymmetry is A = −15.05 ± 0.98(stat) ± 0.56(syst) ppm at the kinematic point θ lab = 12.3 • and Q 2 =(More)
The scorpion toxin, Charybdotoxin (CTX), blocks homotetrameric, voltage-gated K(+) channels by binding near the outer entrance to the pore in one of four indistinguishable orientations. We have determined the pH-dependence of CTX block of a tetrameric Shaker potassium channel with a single copy of a histidine replacing the wild-type phenylalanine at(More)
We found 140 neutrino-induced muons in 854.24 live days in the MINOS far detector, which has an acceptance for neutrino-induced muons of 6:91 10 6 cm 2 sr. We looked for evidence of neutrino disappearance in this data set by computing the ratio of the number of low momentum muons to the sum of the number of high momentum and unknown momentum muons for both(More)
Geodetic surveys suggest that ocean tides can modulate the motion of Antarctic ice streams, even at stations many tens of kilometers inland from the grounding line. These surveys suggest that ocean tidal stresses can perturb ice stream motion at distances about an order of magnitude farther inland than tidal flexure of the ice stream alone. Recent models(More)
It thus appears premature to attempt to fit multiple-trapping parameters to these measurements. Nonetheless the decrease in electron drift mobility with increasing optical gap is unmistakable. This trend is consistent with an earlier report that electron field-effect mobilities decline with carbon alloying [1,8]. We conclude by presenting as Fig. 4 a(More)
The experiment uses two detectors separated by 734 km to observe a beam of neutrinos created by the Neutrinos at the Main Injector facility at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. The data were collected in the first 282 days of beam operations and correspond to an exposure of 1:27 10 20 protons on target. Based on measurements in the Near Detector, in(More)
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