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A method has been developed by which large samples of mineralized bone, containing an alpha-emitter, can be embedded in Spurr's resin in a fraction of the time required by conventional methods. Bone samples were freeze-dried or fixed and dried prior to impregnation with Spurr's resin under vacuum. Sections were cut for the preparation of either alpha-track(More)
Hyperparathyroidism may occasionally present as a neck mass resulting from cystic change in a parathyroid adenoma. We report an unusual instance of hyperparathyroidism presenting as a palpable, but asymptomatic hyperplastic parathyroid gland cyst. We conclude that hyperplastic parathyroid glands may undergo cystic degeneration resulting in a palpable neck(More)
A solution containing 226Ra chloride was injected into young female rats via the saphenous vein. Subsequently, the distribution and retention of the 226Ra in the skeleton was studied. The results show that: 226Ra is initially deposited in the rat femur as a volume deposit and is fairly evenly distributed throughout the bone matrix. Much of the 226Ra(More)
The distribution and retention of intravenously injected hexavalent uranium-233 in the skeleton of the female rat has been investigated using a variety of autoradiographic and radiochemical techniques. These showed that approximately one third of the injected uranium is deposited in the skeleton where it is retained with an initial biological half-time of(More)
The distribution and retention of intravenously injected 241Am in the skeleton of the female rat has been investigated using autoradiographic and radiochemical techniques. The studies were designed to assess the dosimetric and toxicologic implications of an 241Am intake by man. They showed that in the rat approximately one third of the intravenously(More)
Female rats were used to study the loss of plutonium from hepatic and splenic macrophages. The plutonium was administered intravenously either as a "soluble" [Pu] ferric hydroxide colloid or as an "insoluble" plutonium dioxide suspension. The "soluble" plutonium was lost much more rapidly from the liver than the "insoluble" plutonium. If the iron status of(More)
We outline a simple method for estimating the cross-spectral m trix of coastal-trapped wave amplitudes, A, from a set of oceanographic observations. Specifically, we propose that A may be estimated by (M'M)-IM'OM(M'M) -1 where a prime denotes conjugate transpose, fJ isthe sample cross-spectral matrix of observations a dM is a matrix which as the spatial(More)
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