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Adaptive evolution of phenotypic plasticity requires that plastic genotypes have the highest global fitness. We studied selection by spatial heterogeneity of interspecific competition and flooding, and by temporal heterogeneity of flooding on morphological plasticity of 52 genotypes of the clonal shore plant Ranunculus reptans. Competition reduced clone(More)
Past research has provided compelling evidence that variation in flooding duration is the predominant factor underlying plant species distribution along elevation gradients in river floodplains. The role of seasonal variation in flooding, however, is far from clear. We addressed this seasonal effect for 10 grassland species by testing the hypothesis that(More)
Senescent floating leaf material of Nymphaea alba L., collected in an acidified moorland pool, was used in decomposition studies in two aquatic systems that differed greatly in pH, alkalinity and nutrient concentration. Concentrations of extractable protein and phenolics in the decomposing leaf material were measured during the incubation period. Protein(More)
Recruitment of plant species in wetlands dominated by Phragmites australis often results in a zonation of two vegetation types. A development of reed marshes takes place in the shallow flooded parts where the dominant P. australis becomes accompanied by interstitial marsh species. The vegetation on higher elevations becomes dominated by tall forbs. We(More)
The establishment phase is an important bottleneck in the life cycle of plants. It consists of two steps that are rarely separated, i.e., the germination of seeds and the establishment of seedlings. Here we report the results of two experiments in which we independently investigated germination and seedling establishment in the greenhouse, under different(More)
Spatial models predict that long-distance dispersal of offspring provides competitive superiority in open environments. We tested this prediction by artificially aggregating ramets of the spreading clonal species Agrostis stolonifera in an undisturbed environment and in an environment where flooding increased open space. We compared the competitive response(More)
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