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This paper is concerned with improving the<lb>livelihoods of rural households in China — es-<lb>pecially those involved in ruminant livestock<lb>production — in the context of market-oriented<lb>reform. Two broad categories of household<lb>are considered — diversified households and<lb>specialised households. Livelihoods are largely determined first, by(More)
1. Six steers implanted with 300 mg trenbolone acetate and six steers not implanted were fed on low protein, low-quality-roughage diets ad lib. in two experiments. The steers were Hereford (Bos taurus) x Brahman (Bos indicus) crossbreds (50:50), initially of about 400 kg mean live weight (LW). In the first experiment of 8 weeks duration roughage was given(More)
Dry matter and cellulose digestibility were not affected by the urea infusions. The apparent nitrogen digestibility, derived from the difference between feed and faecal N, and ignoring infused N, was slightly depressed by urea infusions of from 9 to 34 g N/day, but at the highest level of infusion (43.7 g N/day) it was equal to or greater than the control(More)
Application of various lipid solvents and dimethyl sulphoxide to the skin of cattle, sheep, eland and African buffalo exposed to an air temperature of 20 degrees C caused an increase in cutaneous moisture loss. The effect did not occur after exposure to an air temperature of 40 degrees C or after adrenaline administration. Blockage of sweating by either(More)
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