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Absrmct-A novel synthesis teclmkme fs developed for two-port networks Wldeb possess finite reRf frequm-y trsnsmkion zeros. 'flm-low-psm prototype is synthesised in the form of a network with complex mnjngate s~ when the real frequency transmission zeros are exbneted fmm both ends srrd reaffmd by simple resonators separated by phase shifters. The remsinfng(More)
Absfracf—llhe design and synthesis of various types of microwave elliptic function filters has heen accomplished by a number of authors. However, one problem in this field which remains is the realization of compact narrow-band bandpass elliptic function filters. In this paper, a procednre is presented which enables this class of filters to be constricted(More)
A method of designing parallel connected lossy filter networks is introduced. In a parallel connected filter network, each resonator represents one of the poles of the admittance parameters and is independent of the others, thus the dissipation of each resonator can be considered separately. It is observed that some of the resonators are more critical than(More)
Metamaterials are characterized using a modal technique for the analysis of 2N-port 2-D filter networks. It will be shown that in general, all such networks support N modes of propagation each with different propagation constants unless as with the TEM multiwire transmission line, the inductance matrix is the inverse of the capacitance matrix. Furthermore,(More)
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