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Aortoenteric fistulas represent a life-threatening complication of abdominal aortic surgery that is becoming increasingly well-recognized. The presentation is often subtle, with a herald bleed followed by a period of grace, followed by an exsanguinating hemorrhage, and resulting in cardiovascular collapse. The diagnosis is often difficult, even with modern(More)
SINCE THEIR FIRST APPEARANCE IN SOUTHEAST ASIA, CHINESE COMmunities have occupied the interests of numerous historians, sociologists, economists and geographers. There is scarcely any other subject on which there are already so many detailed studies. Under various aspects these works are concerned with the situation of the Chinese in a specific place,(More)
Congress, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and state and local governments still are trying to determine requirements a hospital must meet to warrant tax exemption. Revisions to a bill introduced by Rep. Brian Donnelly (D-Mass.) likely will focus Congressional debate on whether charity care or the broader concept of community benefits is the most(More)