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Hurricane Felix passed over the Bermuda testbed mooring on 15 August 1995, providing a unique opportunity to observe the response of the upper ocean to a hurricane. In the vicinity of Bermuda, Felix was a particularly large hurricane with hurricane-force winds over a diameter of about 300–400 km and tropical storm–force winds over a diameter of about(More)
Using 51Cr labelled RBCs, total blood volume, red cell volume and plasma volume were measured in fifteen adult, female, domestic sheep both before and after splenectomy. Eight of the fifteen animals studied were anemic. Statistical analyses revealed no significant differences in blood volume parameters whether animals were grouped together or separated into(More)
Considerable work has been done recently on the effects of sediment bulk properties on erosion rates. From this it is known that erosion rates depend on at least the following parameters: bulk density, average particle size, particle size distribution, mineralogy, organic content, volume of gas in the sediment, salinity of the pore waters, and time after(More)
We cultured human umbilical cord blood erythropoietic precursors in methyl cellulose clonal assay and analyzed the synthetic rates of Hb A and Hb F in individual erythropoietic bursts. Hemoglobin was labeled with 14C-amino acids in culture, separated by slab gel isoelectric focusing techniques, and quantitated by fluorographic methods. Almost all bursts(More)
The steady state diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide (DLCO) was studied in 18 splenectomized adult ewes. Seven animals were anemic when studied. Weight (Wt) and, to a lesser extent, hemoglobin (Hb) level were the key predictive variables of DLCO. Sheep DLCO can be expected to range between 15 and 28 ml/min/mmHg in adult ewes which are not(More)
A method for measuring the diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide (DLCO) in sheep was developed. The test's usefulness and reliability was studied in ten, splenectomized adult ewes. Hemoglobin concentration and weight were found to affect sheep DLCO. This article describes a method of determining DLCO in sheep, gives preliminary results of(More)
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