JN Stinson

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BACKGROUND Neuropathic pain (NeP), redefined as pain caused by a lesion or a disease of the somatosensory system, is a disabling condition that affects approximately two million Canadians. OBJECTIVE To review the randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and systematic reviews related to the pharmacological management of NeP to develop a revised evidence-based(More)
A veterinarian contracted rabies in the course of laboratory work with homogenates of rabid goat brain. Epidemiologic study determined a respiratory mode of transmission. After a fulminant encephalitic illness, formed rabies virions were identified in the synaptic zones of the olfactory glomeruli. Identification, isolation, experimental disease production,(More)
invited speaker: irene Tracey nuffield Professor anaesthetic science & director, oxford centre for fMri of Brain, nuffield department of clinical neurosciences, (head, nuffield division anaesthetics), oxford university, england, uK The ability to experience pain is old and shared across species. It confers an evolutionary advantage and provides a warning of(More)
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