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Background The estimation of resting energy expenditure (REE) can be a valuable tool in developing programs for weight loss interventions and body composition management. REE prediction equations are a low-cost alternative to assess REE versus directly measuring REE, which typically requires expensive laboratory equipment. Though often used to estimate REE(More)
Methods 127 sedentary women (47±11 yr, 45.8±5% body fat, 35.4±5 kg/m) were randomized to participate in a no diet or exercise control group (C) or the Curves Complete 90-day Challenge (CC), Weight Watchers Points Plus (WW), Jenny Craig (JC), or Nutrisystem Advance SelectTM (NS) weight loss programs for 12-wks. Participants in the diet groups were encouraged(More)
Methods 48 sedentary women (48.2±10.5 yr, 45.9±4.4% body fat, 35.6±5.6kg/m) were randomized to participate in the Curves weight loss and exercise program (EX, n=28) or control group (C, n=20) for 12-wks. Participants followed an energy-restricted diet (1,200 kcal/d for 1-week and 1,500 kcal/d for 11 weeks; 30% CHO, 45% P, and 25% F) while participating in a(More)
This study compared the acute cytokine response, and kinetic and kinematic profile following back squat exercise in resistance-trained men. In a randomized, cross-over design, 10 resistance-trained men (27±4 y, 1.80±0.07 m, 82.8±6.7 kg, 16.3±3.5% fat) performed the back squat exercise using traditional and cluster set configurations. Kinetic and kinematic(More)
Background It has been suggested that nutrient timing strategies may augment training adaptations in active populations. However, collegiate athletes are often restricted by practice schedules, class times and training sessions and, as a result, may not follow recommendations on optimal feeding strategies. Therefore, a survey questionnaire, which examined(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine changes in creatine kinase and hormones over the course of an entire season of American football. A secondary purpose was to determine differences between starters and non-starters. Fasting blood samples were obtained from nineteen National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I (n = 19; 20 ± 1 years) football(More)
Effects of immediate and delayed nutrient timing following resistance exercise on changes in mixed muscle fractional synthesis rate (FSR) in post-menopausal women participating in a weight loss program M Byrd, S Simbo, YP Jung, B Sanchez, M Cho, CW Lee, B Lockard, C Baetge, K Levers, E Galvan, A Jagim, JM Oliver, R Dalton, B Bessire, K Horrell, T Leopold, M(More)
Background Multi-ingredient pre-workout supplements (MIPS) are becoming popular dietary supplements among strength and power athletes. These products frequently include caffeine, creatine, beta-alanine, and branched-chain amino acids as the primary ingredients. When studied on an individual basis, several of these ingredients have been shown to increase(More)
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