JM Conway

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SUMMARY The antihypertensive activity of timolol, a new beta adrenergic blocking agent, was assessed in hypertensive patients. In hospitalized patients timolol, 5 mg orally every 8 hr for one week, resulted in a significant although mild reduction of blcod pressure with diastolic pressure falling from a mean of 101 mm Hg to 91 mm Hg. Heart rate and cardiac(More)
Carbamazepine is a widely prescribed antiepileptic drug. Owing to the lack of an intravenous formulation, its absolute bioavailability, absolute clearance, and half-life in patients at steady state have not been determined. We developed an intravenous, stable-labeled (SL) formulation in order to characterize carbamazepine pharmacokinetics in patients.(More)
A four-year-old male neutered Australian shepherd dog was diagnosed with a thymoma and concurrent mature T cell lymphocytosis. The lymphocytosis consisted of a mixed population of T cells expressing either CD4 or CD8 or neither marker, and the result of polymerase chain reaction for antigen receptor rearrangement was negative. The peripheral lymphocytosis(More)
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