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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Migraine is a common neurological disabling disorder, and anomalies of vascular function have been implied in its pathophysiology. Several findings point to a possible role of the endothelin receptor type A (EDNRA) in migraine. We aim to assess the involvement of endothelin receptor type A (EDNRA) in migraine susceptibility in a(More)
To study whether treatment with adenosine (ADO), an agonist of adenosine receptors, attenuates intestinal dysfunction caused by ischemia (I) and reperfusion (R), we treated rats with ADO (15 mg/kg or saline solution (SS) intravenously before 60 minutes occlusion of the superior mesenteric artery (I) and/or 120 minutes after its release (R). After I or I/R,(More)
Migraine is a common neurological disorder with a global prevalence around 10% [1]. Several studies showed that migraine is influenced by genetic and environmental factors [2]. The female-to-male ratio of migraine prevalence is 3to 4-fold higher among women than men[3]. The role of common variants of GABA genes in the X-chromosome in migraine susceptibility(More)
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