JJ Valencia

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INTRODUCTION Parkinson's disease of juvenile onset is known to be rarely seen in clinical neurology. Occasionally it may be secondary to other pathological processes which have to be excluded by investigation of such cases, since the clinical, therapeutic and prognostic significance varies considerably depending on whether the condition is idiopathic or(More)
INTRODUCTION Arachnoid cysts are cavities with a content similar to cerebrospinal fluid, frequently communicating with the subarachnoid space. They make up 1% of the intracranial space occupying lesions, and although typically seen in children (13%), they may be undiagnosed until the patient has become adult. PATIENTS AND METHODS We review a series of 35(More)
We present a case of chronic multifocal choreform dyskinesia with evident anatomical and temporal relationship with a contralateral putamen lesion of ischaemic origin after embolism originating in a partially thrombosed intracavernous caratid aneurysm. Isolated putamen lesions are associated with abnormal dystonic type involuntary movements, bilateral to(More)
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