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Four patients with C5-C6 root avulsion after brachial plexus injury were treated with a transfer of part of a normal functioning nerve in the arm to the motor nerve of the biceps. Ten percent of the bulk of the ulnar nerve was harvested for a suture directly to the motor nerve of the biceps with no significant impairment of hand function.
The relationships of a tumor of the thoracic esophagus to the adjacent mediastinal structures are currently studied by means of computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and, more recently, by echoendoscopy. However, the assessment of axial mediastinal CT and of MRI in the coronal and sagittal planes calls for some degree of experience. To(More)
Three-dimensional reconstructions of the carpus have been assembled from tomographic data of anatomic specimens after vascular injection with resin polymer of a density similar to that of bone. We have been able to produce three-dimensional reconstruction of the relationship between carpal bones and their vasculature. Fine tomographic slicing, on the order(More)
Cephalic pancreatoduodenectomy (CPD) with pylorus preservation has been suggested to improve the functional and nutritional result of surgery. At operation, the first two centimeters of the duodenum are preserved, the vascular arch of the lesser gastric curvature is saved and the right gastroepiploic artery is resected at its origin. The aim of this study(More)
Lesions of the thoracic aorta create problems related to their site and relations with the main aortic branches. The aim of surgery must be to treat the lesion while ensuring perfusion of the tissues excluded by clamping during the operation. Anatomic study of the aortic lesions is based on imaging. Angiography is still often the basic examination though it(More)
This anatomical study of the carpal tunnel compares magnetic resonance imaging sections and adult and fetal anatomical sections. The MRI studies were carried out in 12 normal controls. The use of an experimental high resolution module allows achieving as high a degree of spatial resolution as 0.13 mm2. The comparison of MR images with anatomical sections(More)
One stage urethroplasties using a cutaneous island pedicle flap have been described by Quartey, Orandi, Marberger, Gattegno and Blandy. Anatomical study after colored injection and dissection shows, for each of them, a good blood supply from large anastomoses between the internal and external pudendal arteries. The pedicle is very well individualized on(More)
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