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OBJECTIVES Obese patients may have special characteristics in the urinary stones formed, as the body mass index (BMI) may also be a predictive factor in lithiasic recurrence. We aim to evaluate and compare the lithiasic characteristics according to the different BMI categories, also considering the likelihood of lithiasic recurrence in presence of age and(More)
Increased intra-abdominal pressure during laparoscopy changes visceral flow. The objective of the present study was to analyze the changes in peripheral and intra-abdominal flow induced by laparoscopic living-donor nephrectomy in an experimental model. Twenty pigs underwent left-sided nephrectomy, 10 at laparoscopy and 10 in an open approach. Renal blood(More)
Measurement of interleukins (IL) and C-reactive protein (CRP) have demonstrated that a laparoscopic approach may induce less surgical stress than an open approach. The potential influence of this observation in living donor nephrectomy has scarcely been analyzed. The aim of the study was to analyze the immunohumoral response induced by laparoscopic versus(More)
Objective: To analyze the early discriminative predictive information regarding the immunophenotype components of patients with sepsis, and its potential use as a prognosis tool. Design: Observational prospective clinical study. Setting: Intensive care unit (ICU) in a University Hospital. Patients: Thirty-five patients admitted with severe sepsis.(More)
APACHE II SCORE AS A QUALITY CONTROL INDEX: OUR EXPERIENCE ABOUT 2 YEAR ACTIVITY IN ANCONA UNIVERSITY ICU E. Adrario M. Valente A. Luzi C. Giovannini P. ,Pietrop.aoli The increasing costs in ~he management of ICU require the use of a qual1ty control index: based upon the early 24 hour nospi~alization. APACHE II score represent a predict1ve value of the(More)
Increased intrabdominal pressure induced by pneumoperitoneum induces modifications in cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The aim of the study was to analyze the hemodynamic and respiratory modifications produced by pneumoperitoneum during living donor nephrectomy in a porcine experimental model. Twenty pigs underwent left nephrectomy, 10 by laparoscopy(More)
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