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Toxic attributes of the brown tide alga Aureococcus anophagefferens affect the ability of benthic and protistan grazers to control blooms. Yet, little is known regarding the effect of A. anophagefferens on a dominant component of the microzooplankton community, copepod nauplii. This study describes the grazer–prey relationship between nauplii of the(More)
OBJECTIVE In the majority of literature concerning age in TBI, specifically in subdural hematomas (SDH), the mean age of patients considered elderly is 55-65. Limited data in SDH patients>75 years suggest an increased mortality rate. The impact of medical decision making on these data is not well-documented. PATIENTS/METHODS We use the Nationwide(More)
Purpose of the study To understand the relationship between HAART and preterm delivery (PTD). Methods Analysis of prospectively collected data from all patients attending HIV antenatal services at a single UK centre 1995—2010. Fisher's exact test two tailed for categorical variables. T-test for continuous variables. Results Data are presented on all 324(More)
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