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This paper introduces a novel mechano-bio hybrid system that we are developing which incorporates auditory cortical responses from awake and unrestrained rats as a potential biological sensor signal for guided system locomotion. With the system we investigated the feasibility of extracting parameters from neural recordings that could be used to detect the(More)
Prostaglandin E 1 (PGE 1) is widely used in the treatment of limb ischemia for its potent vasodilatory and antiplatelet effects. In order to assess the curative effect of liposomal PGE 1 (lipo-PGE 1) as an adjuvant to surgery in patients with acute lower limb ischemia (ALLI), 204 patients who underwent hybrid procedures (operative thromboembo-lectomy or(More)
A closed-loop brain-machine interface system (BMI) was implemented using freely-moving rats. Instead of reproducing continuous natural limb movements as in many other BMI work, abstract supervisory control commands such as Go left, Go right, were extracted from neurons in the motor and premotor areas of the rats brain. The control output was thus formulated(More)
While BMI systems abound, little care has been exercised over practical considerations in the day to day use of such systems. This paper proposes to learn a Start-Stop switch to augment a directional BMI. Taken together, the hope is that a BMI could be constructed that would be able to signal the appropriate directional intent when called upon and be(More)
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