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Pathogenic microbes often modulate phytohormone physiology in the host to their advantage. We previously showed that the Pseudomonas syringae effector protein AvrB perturbs hormone signaling, as exemplified by upregulated expression of jasmonic acid response genes, and enhances plant susceptibility. Here we show that these effects of AvrB require the(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are involved in carcinogenesis and tumor progression by regulating post-transcriptional gene expression. However, the miRNA-mRNA regulatory network is far from being fully understood. The objective of this study is to identify the colorectal cancer (CRC) specific miRNAs and their target mRNAs using a multi-step approach. A multi-step(More)
BACKGROUND Growing evidence suggests that miR-29a has an important role in regulating tumourigenesis and development of various types of cancer. However, the role and the underlying mechanism of miR-29a in colorectal cancer (CRC) remain largely unknown. METHODS MiR-29a targeted gene was identified by the luciferase assay and western blot. MiR-29a function(More)
In our previous study, significantly high expression levels of matrix-remodeling associated 5 (MXRA5) were identified in fresh-cultured colorectal cancer (CRC) tissues compared with their normal adjacent mucosa by differential secretome analysis. Whether MXRA5 is a potential serum biomarker of CRC has not been evaluated. The aim of this study was to(More)
Distant metastasis in patients with rectal cancer remains a problem influencing prognosis. Prediction of synchronous distant metastasis is important for the choice of personalized treatment strategies and postoperative follow-up protocol. So far, there are few studies about the predictive value of MRI features combined with clinical characteristics for(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate whether the measurement of cytokines from abdominal exudate is valuable for the early diagnosis of prolonged post-operative ileus (PPOI) following colorectal surgery. In the present study, 100 consecutive patients who were scheduled to undergo elective resection for carcinoma of the sigmoid or rectum were(More)
Although the importance of DNA vaccines, especially as a priming immunization has been well established in numerous HIV vaccine studies, the immunogenictiy of DNA vaccines is generally moderate. Novel adjuvant is in urgent need for improving the immunogenicity of DNA vaccine. Polysaccharide and nucleic acid fraction extracted by hot phenol method from(More)
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