JH LaBadie

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The psychrotrophic bacterium Pseudomonas fragi was subjected to cold shocks from 30 or 20 to 5 degrees C. The downshifts were followed by a lag phase before growth resumed at a characteristic 5 degrees C growth rate. The analysis of protein patterns by two-dimentional gel electrophoresis revealed overexpression of 25 or 17 proteins and underexpression of 12(More)
High-density arrays of oligonucleotide probes are proving to be powerful new tools for large-scale DNA and RNA sequence analysis. A method for constructing these arrays, using light-directed DNA synthesis with photo-activatable monomers, can currently achieve densities on the order of 10(6) sequences/cm2. One of the challenges facing this technology is to(More)
Single cell suspensions of rat lymphoid and nonlymphoid tissues were fractionated on discontinuous gradients of bovine serum albumin into high density and low density subfractions. In general, accessory activity required for responses of periodate-treated T lymphocytes was recovered only in a low density population containing a small percent of the total(More)
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