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Calmodulin has been isolated and characterized from the gill of the bay scallop aequipecten irradians. Quantitative electrophoretic analysis of epithelial cell fractions show most of the calmodulin to be localized in the cilia, specifically in the detergent- solubilized membrane-matrix fraction. Calmodulin represents 2.2 +/- 0.3 percent of the(More)
The amino-terminal domain of CD2 has the remarkable ability to fold in two ways: either as a monomer or as an intertwined, metastable dimer. Here we show that it is possible to differentially stabilize either fold by engineering the CD2 sequence, mimicking random mutagenesis events that could occur during molecular evolution. Crystal structures of a(More)
In crosses of Salmonella typhimurium FfinP301 lac+ to F- strains of S. typhimurium in broth, recipient strains which were rough mutants affected in the outer core region of the lipopolysaccharide gave an average of 1.4 Lac+ transconjugants per donor cell and over 50% of the donor and recipient cells in mating aggregates, whereas smooth recipient strains(More)
Titin is a very large (>3 MDa) protein found in striated muscle where it is believed to participate in myogenesis and passive tension. A prominent feature in the A-band portion of titin is the presence of an 11-domain super-repeat of immunoglobulin superfamily and fibronectin-type-III-like domains. Seven overlapping constructs from human cardiac titin, each(More)
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