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Investigation of dissolution of base metal dental casting alloy constituents in aqueous solutions revealed an unexpectedly high level of beryllium as compared with the other constituents. Analysis of atomic emission spectroscopy is presented here showing the outer surface (0-100 A) is decidedly enriched in beryllium as compared with the bulk composition of(More)
There are numerous demands for the limited water supplies in the Rocky Mountain (USA) region, and controversies surrounding instream flows abound. A specific problem involves water diversions (i.e., small dams that shunt water out of stream channels) during the summer irrigation season. We developed an approach to assess the effects of restoration of(More)
A function is private if there exists a protocol that is secure; that is, no party can learn any additional information about the other parties’ inputs other than what follows from their own input and the function’s output. Previous studies have investigated multiparty computation with broadcast communication, but broadcast communication does not fully(More)
Many companies are investigating methods of producing composite resins with better physical and mechanical properties through curing methods other than application of the light gun. Such techniques are known as secondary curing techniques. Evidence is presented here of a method for producing a composite resin inlay with improved properties through the use(More)
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