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Using telescopic observations by ourselves and other observers, we have identified cyano-group containing molecules in the very dark solids on the surfaces of a few D-class asteroids, the dust of some comets, and low-albedo hemisphere of Iapetus, and the rings of Uranus, through spectroscopic detection of the 2.2-micrometers overtone of the C triple bond N(More)
Cardiac illness in myotonic muscular dystrophy (MyD) is infrequent, but subclinical cardiac involvement in MyD is very common (found in 42 of 46 subjects) and may be responsible for sudden death. In this series, we found ECG abnormalities in 72%, left ventricular dysfunction in 70%, mitral valve prolapse in 37%, and sudden death in 4%. Four deaths during(More)
Taurodontism, a condition in which the pulp chambers of teeth are elongated, was observed in extracted lower molars of 12 out of 33 (36.4%) individuals with Down's syndrome (DS). It is suggested that this high prevalence is associated with a delayed ingrowth and fusion of the epithelial flaps of the developing root sheath and that taurodontism represents(More)
Correlations were made on immunofluorescence positivity to antirabies conjugate between cranium-derived nerve fibers in skin and traditional samplings of brain tissue from several species and illness categories of animals with naturally acquired rabies. The overall correlation of results from all categories was about 98% (n, 104) for those that were brain(More)
Rates of mortality were determined in patients attending an alcoholic assessment centre. The study group comprised 1068 patients, studied for a mean of 1.5 years after referral. A total of 50 deaths occurred, being four times the expected death rate in the general population. Significantly increased mortality rates were found for deaths from cirrhosis,(More)
A method is described for the estimation of serum protein-bound iodine using alkaline incineration and an automated technique for the estimation of iodine in the ash. Pretreatment of the serum with an anion exchange resin avoids the need for precipitation and washing of the protein. The method is accurate, reproducible, and simple to perform.
The increasing numbers of investigations into metabolic processes have necessitated the adaptation to automated principles of a method whereby the efficacy of quantitative urine collections can be tested. The estimation of creatinine (creatine anhydride) for this purpose has several aJvantages over other methods which have been used. Creatinine excretion is(More)
The latest version of our Laboratory Information System haematology laboratory expert system that handles the output of Abbott Cell-Dyn Sapphires, CD4000s and a CD3200 full blood count analyser in three high-volume haematology laboratories is described. The three hospital laboratories use Cerner Millennium Version 2007.02 software and the expert system uses(More)