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Methods 60 subjects were randomized to one of two schedules. Group 1 received 3 DNA vaccine injections followed by a recombinant adenoviral vector (rAd5) vaccine booster; Group 2 received rAd5 prime followed by rAd5 booster. Within each Group subjects were equally randomized to prime injections by the IM, SC or ID routes of administration and all groups(More)
Methods 60 subjects (18–50 yrs) were randomized to 6 schedules. Group 1 (n = 30) received 3 DNA prime vaccinations (Wks 0,4,8) and Group 2 (n = 30) received a recombinant adenoviral vector (rAd5) prime vaccination (Wk 0). Both groups received rAd5 booster at Wk 24. Subjects were equally randomized to receive prime injections by IM, SC and ID routes. DNA(More)
Background The success of an HIV vaccine clinical trial depends not only on scientific discovery but also upon the participation of healthy volunteers. In HIV vaccine clinical research, strategic and timely information dissemination to target audiences strengthens a culture of awareness, understanding, and support for trial participation. Traditional(More)
Methods Seventeen HIV-infected men on HAART with undetectable viral loads (<50 copies/ml) and CD4+ T cells counts >350 cells/mm3 were enrolled in VRC 101. Eleven of 12 subjects randomized to the vaccination arm completed all immunizations; one did not receive the rAd5 boost. Four of 5 placebo recipients completed mock immunizations. Sixteen subjects(More)
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