JD Mainland

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Potassium channels selectively conduct K+ ions across cell membranes, and use diverse mechanisms to control their gating. We studied ion permeation and gating of an inwardly rectifying K+ channel by individually changing the amide carbonyls of two conserved glycines lining the selectivity filter to ester carbonyls using nonsense suppression. Surprisingly,(More)
A laboratory study in 11 healthy subjects was conducted to evaluate the performance of a rebreathing device as a means of raising the effective carbon dioxide level in the inspiratory mixture. In all subjects, there was a sustained rise in end-tidal carbon dioxide levels and a transient rise in end-tidal nitrogen tensions associated with an equivalent fall(More)
Although odorant identity is encoded by the activation patterns of olfactory receptors, we do not know how alterations in receptor activation affect the perceptual properties of an odorant. Human beings display considerable variation in odor perception, very little of which has been concretely linked to molecular causes. Here, we take advantage of genetic(More)
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