JD Lifson

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Plasmacytoid DCs (pDCs) have been implicated as crucial cells in antiviral immune responses. On recognizing HIV, they become activated, secreting large amounts of IFN-alpha and inflammatory cytokines, thereby potentiating innate and adaptive antiviral immune responses. Here, we have shown that HIV-stimulated human pDCs can also induce the differentiation of(More)
T cell immune responses of HIV+ patients are functionally impaired prior to CD4+ T cell depletion. Tryptophan (trp) degradation by indoleamine-2, 3-dyoxigenase (IDO) is an immunosuppressive system that may be important in HIV/AIDS. We show here that IDO is increased in PBMC from HIV+ patients compared to controls. Culture with the IDO-inhibitor 1-methyl(More)
Though crystal structures for Env subunit fragments have been described, the overall structure of the Env spike and its distribution on virions has remained obscure. To address this issue, we have used cryoelectron microscopy (cryoEM) tomography to image unfixed and unstained HIV-1 and SIV virions in vitreous ice. Mutant (truncated TM tail) SIV virions show(More)
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