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An experiment was initiated in 1990 to study the RN locus, which has been shown to exert a major effect on a measurement of meat quality in pigs, the Napole technological yield (RTN). The animals used originated from a composite line (Laconie). Thirteen reference families of double backcross type (RN/rn +X rn + /rn )were selected to search for a marker of(More)
BACKGROUND Ischemia caused by cold storage (CS) and reperfusion of the kidney is often responsible for delayed graft function after transplantation. Significant attention has been focused on the cascade of events involved in ischemia-reperfusion injury, with the objective of identifying drugs to ameliorate the functional damage that occurs. METHODS The(More)
Les performances de reproduction des truies de trois races locales chinoises : Meishan (MS), Jiaxing (JX) et Jinhua (JH) sont comparées à celles des six types de femelles FI résultant du croisement entre un verrat de chacune de ces 3 races et 12 truies des deux races européennes : Large White (LW) et Landrace Français (LF) et à celles des femelles FI(More)
A crossbreeding experiment using Large White (LW) and Meishan (MS) pig strains was conducted. Direct, maternal and grand-maternal additive genetic effects along with direct, maternal and paternal heterosis effects were estimated for litter productivity traits: total number born (TNB), number born alive (NBA), number weaned (NW), litter weight at birth (WB)(More)
Growth, carcass and meat quality traits were measured in 2 different experimental herds on male and female pigs produced from matings between Pietrain boars and 12 genetic types of sows with graded proportions of Large White (LW) and Meishan (MS) genes. Growth records (from 30-100 kg liveweight) were obtained on ad libitum feeding on a total of 1 640 pigs,(More)
Intranasal midazolam was studied in two series of piglets: series 1, n = 20 (18 +/- 3 kg), a randomized double blind pharmacodynamic study to compare doses of 0.2 mg/kg and 0.4 mg/kg; series 2, n = 9 (42 +/- 8 kg), a pharmacokinetic study with a 0.4 mg/kg dose administered either intravenously (i.v.) or intranasally (i.n.) in a cross-over protocol with a(More)
was used as control. These breeds displayed a large range of behavioural reactivity to a novel environment test, with females generally more active than males. Chinese pigs had higher plasma levels of cortisol and showed a sexual dimorphism in plasma ACTH levels. Complex relationships were found between behavioural reactivity and endocrine characteristics,(More)
In order to assess the tolerance induced by hepatic transplantation in a multivisceral graft, a model of a transplant combining the liver and small intestine was developed in the pig, using animals of Large White Isogroup O, typed in the system of major incompatibility as “Swine lymphocyte antigen” (SLA), whose weight varied from 30 to 40 kg. In order to(More)