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BACKGROUND We report our experience in the study of antiganglioside antibodies and define their clinical value establishing associations between clinical syndromes and immunological findings. METHODS We analysed 275 sera: Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) (78), Miller-Fisher syndrome (MFS) (37), chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuroapthy (CIDP) (17),(More)
INTRODUCTION Stroke is one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in developed countries today. Smoking is a risk factor that is associated with arteriosclerotic disease. AIM To evaluate the risk of having a stroke associated to both active and passive smoking in a case-control study. PATIENTS AND METHODS A case-control study was conducted which(More)
Method Two consecutive series of patients underwent arterial revascularization at two institutions from 2000-2010. In group A, 183 patients underwent CABG with non-sequential BIMA grafting, utilizing the RA for additional targets. In group B, 771 patients underwent solely sequential BIMA grafting in a Y-graft configuration. Patient differences were balanced(More)
Method Between 2006 and 2014, 72 patients met criteria for inclusion. Out of these 72, 59 had previous CAB and 13 had CAB + AVR. The surgical procedures performed in these series included 50 AVR and 22 AVR + CAB. Myocardial protection was delivered using mild systemic hypothermia and continuous cold blood retrograde and intermittent antegrade cardioplegia,(More)
Method From 1/1/2012 through 12/31/2014, 1189 patients underwent isolated coronary artery bypass (IsoCAB, N = 252), isolated valve (IsoValve, N = 190), CAB+Valve (n = 114), CAB+Other (N = 304), Valve+Other (N = 178), or other (151) surgeries. Overall 802 (67.5%) were male with a mean age of 70 ± 12 years. A protocol focusing on reducing blood use was(More)
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