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The porphyrin metabolism of 100 patients with porphyria and 351 of their relatives has been studied. Thin layer chromatography of methyl esters of the urinary porphyrin was undertaken in sixty-six patients with different types of porphyria, and forty-five relatives, seventeen patients with hepatic cirrhosis, three patients with lead poisoning and twenty(More)
This paper is devoted to the computation of the mod p cohomology of the classifying spaces of the quotients of (non-afine) Kac-Moody groups of rank two by finite central p-groups, as algebras over the Steenrod algebra and higher Bockstein operations. To this aim we enlarge the class of spaces by including some homotopy theoretic constructions in such a way(More)
An observation of Scleromyxedema is repported by the authors. The remarkable peculiarities of this case are the following: 1. Absence of abnormal paraprotein. 2. Positive direct and indirect immunofluorescence. 3. Slight increase of plasma cells of bone marrow. 4. Presence of calcifications. 5. The hyperkeratotic lesions. Those of the fingertips with(More)