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Given the often reported relationships between sleep-wake regulation and the cerebral prostaglandins (PGs), the effect of chronic rapid eye movement (REM) sleep deprivation on brain PGE2 and PGD2 biosynthesis in mouse was evaluated, since they are known to have opposite actions as respectively wake- and sleep-inducing substances. Mice were subjected to 5(More)
1. Let {t ν } denote the sequence of the roots of the equation (see [5], p. 261): (1) ϑ(t) = πν, where (see [5], p. 383): (2) ϑ(t) = t 2 ln t 2π − t 2 − π 8 + O 1 t , and ν runs over the set of all positive integers. Let us remind furthermore that ([5], p. 94) that (3) Z(t) = e iϑ(t) ζ 1 2 + it. The Gram's law states that the zeroes of the function ζ 1 2 +(More)
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