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VTMEDNET is the health information network for the state of Vermont. In response to a needs assessment of rural health care providers, it supports e-mail, access to knowledge-bases, and the ability to request library services for health care providers across the state, regardless of their location or affiliation. For Fletcher Allen Health Care affiliates,(More)
BOLDT.-"Trachoma." Translated by J. H. Parsons and T. Snowball. London. 1914. COLLINs.-Introduction to Boldt (above). CUfENOD ET NATAF.-" Le Trachome," 1930. DUKE-ELDER.-Text-book of Ophthalmology. Vol. II. London. 1938. EASON.-(1) Trans. Ophthal. Soc. U.K., p. 38, 1918. (2) Guy's Hosjital Reports, Vol. LXX, p. 63. EBLE.-" Die . . . agyptische(More)
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