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To determine the relation between local myofiber anatomy and local deformation in the wall of the left ventricle, both three-dimensional transmural deformation and myofiber orientation were examined in the anterior free wall of seven canine left ventricles. Deformation was measured by imaging columns of implanted radiopaque markers with high-speed, biplane(More)
Left ventricular (LV) epicardial pacing acutely reduces wall thickening at the pacing site. Because LV epicardial pacing also reduces transverse shear deformation, which is related to myocardial sheet shear, we hypothesized that impaired end-systolic wall thickening at the pacing site is due to reduction in myocardial sheet shear deformation, resulting in a(More)
Epstein SE: Long-term fate of coronary artery bypass grafts and functional status of patients five years after operation. N Progress study of 590 consecutive non-surgical cases of coronary disease followed five to nine years. Angiographic correlations. Jr: Coronary artery anatomy before and after direct revascularization surgery: clinical and cine(More)
Although there is an extensive body of information on the kinematics of the fast start response in teleosts, there is little information on the deformation of the skeletal muscle which produces the changes in body position during a fast start. This study presents preliminary information on the determination of skeletal muscle deformation with implanted(More)
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