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Over the last decade, much research has been conducted regarding how successful school improvement can be achieved. One focus of this research has been the development of schools that are inclusive and meet the educational needs of all students, including those with disabilities. Research has shown that school change that improves teacher practice and(More)
This study investigated the grade retention of students with learning disabilities. Data were collected on 689 students referred and identified as having learning disabilities during the 1987-88 school year in Indiana. Of these students, 58% had been retained before identification. The results of this investigation suggest that retention is being used as a(More)
Methods for identifying students with learning disabilities continue to be an area of controversy. The present investigation examined the impact of implementing statewide guidelines for the identification of these students. Data were collected from multidisciplinary team reports on 718 students with learning disabilities who were referred and labeled during(More)
This study investigated the relationship between a statistically determined severe discrepancy between expected and actual achievement levels and subsequent labeling of students with learning disabilities. Subjects were 733 students referred for possible special education services. The results demonstrate that while a slight majority of students who were(More)
This study examined the differential influence of an IQ cutoff and standard score or regression-based method for determining a severe discrepancy as eligibility criteria for the identification of black and white students with learning disabilities. Subjects were 218 white and 132 black students referred for possible learning disability services. The results(More)
Despite the fact that mentally retarded children have frequently been characterized as being deficient in selective attention, this characteristic has seldom been considered in the development of instructional media for the handicapped. To determine the influence of verbal and written labels on the selective attention to visual materials, retarded children(More)
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