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MAWS, JAMES G., AND DAVID SCHACHTER. Active transptm of iron by intestine: efects uf oral iron and pregnancy. Am. J. Physiol. 203(1) : 81-86. 1962. -The active transport of iron has been studied further with everted gut sacs and loops of duodenum in the rat. The two-step absorptive mechanism appears to be one of the cellular processes which regulates iron(More)
It is customary and it seems to me appropriate for the President of our Society to devote his address to some general aspect of clinical investigation with which our Society is concerned. Past presidents have described changes which have occurred in contemporary medicine and research. I intend to speak briefly on the same theme; and if what I have to say(More)
Emergence, the occurrence of novel, unpredictable human behavior, is an inherent aspect of human experience on both the individual and collective levels. In this article, we considered the ubiquitous nature of emergent events, indicated some of the ways such events manifest themselves, analyzed the personal and interpersonal processes that give rise to(More)
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