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Risk factors for coronary heart disease were compared in fifth year boys (15-16 years old) from two schools that were chosen from localities with a fourfold difference in adult mortality from coronary heart disease. One school was in an underprivileged urban locality in the area of increased incidence of heart disease ('high risk') and the other in a(More)
A woman who had had high titres of rubella antibodies some months before she became pregnant gave birth to an infant in whom congenital rubella was confirmed at 4 months. Rubella haemagglutination inhibition tests, complement fixation tests, and immunofluorescence tests with anti-human IgG were carried out on sera from the mother. Rubella antibody titres in(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the consultation activities of clinical ethics committees (CECs) in the UK and the views of CEC chairpersons regarding such activities. METHODS An anonymous, password-protected online questionnaire was sent by e-mail to 70 CEC chairpersons. The questionnaire contained 14 items. RESULTS Of the 70 CECs contacted, 30 responded (a(More)