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Conception of an air-gap element for the dynamic analysis of the electromagnetic field in electric machines
In the design of electric machine working under unbalanced conditions or supplied by non sinusoidal current, a detailed knowledge of the magnetic field distribution is required to predict the machineExpand
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The calculation of electromagnetic torque in saturated electric machines within combined numerical and analytical solutions of the field equations
In many engineering applications the calculation of forces and torques is subject of great importance [7] , [8]. A method for the calculation of the electromagnetic torque in electric machines isExpand
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Second order air-gap element for the dynamic finite-element analysis of the electromagnetic field in electric machines
To obtain a dynamic analysis for the electromagnetic field in electric rotating machines working under unbalanced conditions or supplied by non sinusoidal current we previously conceived a firstExpand
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The French experience in integrating the program FLUX2D in the undergraduate curriculum at the institut national polytechnique de grenoble
In this paper, the authors present the academic experience of teaching Finite Element Methods applied to Electrical Machines at the Institute National Polytechnique de Grenoble in France. ThisExpand
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Use of the Diffuse Element Method for Electromagnetic Feud computation
Application of the diffuse approximation to the posttreatment of electromagnetic field computations is investigated. This numerical method is very attractive since it does not require a mesh andExpand
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Optimization of low voltage metallized film capacitor geometry
Thermal constraint is one of the major cause of capacitor failures. In this paper, a loss model, based on electrode current distribution, is firstly established to determine, by numerical simulation,Expand
On numerical modelling of hysteresis in recording systems
The purpose of this paper is to present a 2-dimensional simulation of the read and write processes in perpendicular magnetic recording, which takes into account the strong anisotropy and hysteresisExpand
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The IBM PC and Compatibles as Vehicles for Electromagnetic Field Analysis Software Development
Implementation of Continuum Sensitivity Analysis with Existing Finite Element Code
A numerical implementation of continuum sensitivity analysis in eletromagnetic devices is presented, using the convenience of an existing FEM code. The state and adjoint variables are computed by theExpand