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Towards the scientific validation of traditional medicinal plants
Research into the scientific validation of southern African medicinal plants used in the treatment of pain and inflammation, hypertension and parasitic diseases, is the current focus of studies conducted at the Research Centre for Plant Growth and Development. Expand
COX-1 and COX-2 inhibitory activity in extracts prepared from Eucomis species, with further reference to extracts from E. autumnalis autumnalis
The investigation of Eucomis species (a popular South African medicinal plant) for potential anti-inflammatory activity showed high levels of COX-1 and -2 inhibitory activity associated with several species, specifically E. autumnalis and E. humilis. Expand
The effect of age, season and growth conditions on anti-inflammatory activity in Eucomis autumnalis (Mill.) Chitt. Plant extracts
The COX-1 assay was used to screenethanolic extracts prepared from the dried leaves, bulbs and roots of E. autumnalis (subspecies autumnalis) to determine the variation of anti-inflammatory activity with age and season of harvest. Expand
Plant-derived smoke solutions stimulate the growth of Lycopersicon esculentum roots in vitro
Aqueous extracts of smoke, derived from Themeda triandra and Passerina vulgaris, stimulated the growth of primary root sections of tomato roots in suspension culture and naturally occurring cytokinins, zeatin and its derivatives stimulated primary root length. Expand
In vitro propagation of Eucomis L'Hérit species - plants with medicinal and horticultural potential
The in vitro propagation of the genus Eucomis was investigated to optimise this technique for the bulk production of plants for commercial and conservation purposes and found certain species responded best on a vermiculite medium, while perlite was necessary for the optimal survival rate of other species. Expand
The effect of cold storage during winter on the levels of COX-1 inhibitory activity of Eucomis autumnalis autumnalis extracts
Levels of anti-inflammatory activity exhibited by Eucomis autumnalis autumnalis were affected by the environmental conditions during the period of winter dormancy, and higher COX-1 inhibitory activity was observed in the leaf extracts from the plants subjected to cold storage, than in the extracts from plants stored dry or in the greenhouse. Expand
Anti-inflammatory activity in extracts prepared from callus cultures of Eucomis autumnalis (Mill.) Chitt.
High levels of anti-inflammatory activity have been detected in extractsprepared from Eucomis plants as well as from invitro plantlets. Callus was initiated from leaf explants andexperiments wereExpand
The effect of nitrogen and sucrose concentrations on the growth of Eucomis autumnalis (Mill.) Chitt. plantlets in vitro, and on subsequent anti-inflammatory activity in extracts prepared from the
Large amounts of anti-inflammatory activity are present in extractsprepared from Eucomis plants. Extracts prepared from in vitroplantlets grown on a modified Murashige and Skoog mediumExpand
Variation in the level and type of cytokinin with the stage of root development in Impatiens wallerana Hook. f. stem cuttings
It is probable that it is the metabolic ability of the stem tissue to alter the initial levels of hormones present that enables efficient adventitious root formation in Impatiens wallerana. Expand
In vitro propagation of Veltheimia bracteata and V. bracteata ‘Lemon Flame’
In vitro adventitious bud formation was initiated using leaf and bulb explants of both Veltheimia bracteata and V. bractEata ‘Lemon Flame’ using initiation medium comprising Murashige and Skoog and supplemented with 100 mgl − 1 myo-inositol, 3% sucrose and IBA for root initiation. Expand