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The foggy disks surrounding herbig Ae stars: A theoretical study of the H2O line spectra
Water is a key species in many astrophysical environments, but it is particularly important in protoplanetary disks. So far, observations of water in these objects have been scarce, but the situation
H2 emission from CRL 618
We present a complete study of the H2 infrared emission, including the pure rotational lines, of the proto Planetary Nebulae CRL 618 with the ISO SWS. A large number of lines are detected. The
On the origin of the high velocity SiO maser emission from late-type stars
We have undertaken toward 30 Mira or semi-regular variables and one OH/IR object highly sensitive observations of the v=1, J=2-1 and 3-2 transitions of SiO simultaneously with observations of the
Disks around hot stars in the Trifid nebula
We report on mid-IR observations of the central region in the Trid nebula, carried out with ISOCAM in several broad-band infrared lters and in the low resolution spectroscopic mode provided by the