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A decimal code for the growth stages of cereals
An internationally acceptable scale for recording the growth stages of cereals is clearly desirable. Such a scale should be acceptable to agronomists, plant breeders, plant pathologists, plantExpand
GFDL ’ s ESM 2 Global Coupled Climate – Carbon Earth System Models . Part II : Carbon System Formulation and Baseline Simulation Characteristics *
The authors describe carbon system formulation and simulation characteristics of two new global coupled carbon–climate Earth SystemModels (ESM), ESM2MandESM2G. Thesemodels demonstrate good climateExpand
Resonant flow of a stratified fluid over topography
The flow of a stratified fluid over topography is considered in the long-wavelength weakly nonlinear limit for the case when the flow is near resonance; that is, the basic flow speed is close to aExpand
Measured soil organic matter fractions can be related to pools in the RothC model
M. ZIMMERMANN, J. LEIFELD, M. W. I. SCHMIDT, P. SMITH & J. FUHRER Agroscope ART Reckenholz-Tänikon, Swiss Federal Research Station for Agroecology and Agriculture, Air Pollution/Climate Group,Expand
Mineral evolution
The mineralogy of terrestrial planets evolves as a consequence of a range of physical, chemical, and biological processes. In pre-stellar molecular clouds, widely dispersed microscopic dust particlesExpand
Despite the relatively high cost of airborne lidar-derived digital elevation models (DEMs), such products are usually presented without a satisfactory associated estimate of accuracy. For the mostExpand
Abundance of larval and 0 + juvenile marine fishes in the lower reaches of three southern African estuaries with differing freshwater inputs
Although numerous studies have been conducted on the biology and ecology of larval and juvenile marine fishes in estuaries, information on the factors influencing abundance, which in turn reflectsExpand