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A New Approach for the Determination of Fish Freshness by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Changes in several dielectric parameters of carp, herring and sea bass during their storage after death at 4 °C, 15 °C and 25 °C were examined by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) in theExpand
NOTE g-Factors of the 8 H ( 0-0 ) Band and SH Upper Limit P / Brorsen-Metcalf ( 19890 )
Since H2S was detected in Comets Austin (1989cl) and Levy (1990c) in the microwave range, there has been increasing interest in searching for SH, which is the prime dissociative product of H2S. WeExpand
EAPS Congress 2016
Diagnostic for Determining the Electron Correlation
=2 Abstract = It was recently proposed that the Euclidian norm of the t__ vector of the coupled cluster wave function (normalized by the number of electrons included in the correlation procedure)Expand
Measurements of local electron density ne, electron temperature T,, and ion temperature Ti have been made at the very edge of the plasma just prior to the transition into H-mode for four differentExpand
Quartic Force Fields , Vibrational Frequencies , and Heats of Formation for FCN , FNC , CICN , and CINC / _ / _ / _ ' A / c / = .-zo 7 z a
The XCN and XNC (X = F, CI) isomers have been investigated using the CCSD(T) method in conjunction with correlation consistent basis sets. Equilibrium geometries, harmonic frequencies, anharmonicExpand
Himalayan erosion and climate
In Himalaya, the monsoon precipitations exert a primary control on the erosion. From its intensity depends on the extension of the glacier cover, landslide activity, river incision and export ofExpand
Multifractal Analysis of Rainfall-Rate Datasets Obtained by Radar and Numerical Model: The Case Study of Typhoon Bolaven (2012)
Typhoon Bolaven caused significant damage with severe rainfall all over South Korea, including Cheju Island, which receivedmore than 250mm in 2 days inAugust 2012. It was regarded as themost powerfulExpand