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Exploring multifunctional agriculture. A review of conceptual approaches and prospects for an integrative transitional framework.
The paper concludes by presenting the main lines of an integrative, transitional framework for the study of MFA, which analyses multifunctional agriculture against the background of wider societal change processes towards sustainability and identifies a number of key elements and research challenges for this. Expand
Management style and its association with bulk milk somatic cell count and incidence rate of clinical mastitis.
Management style and its association with bulk milk somatic cell count (SCC) and the incidence rate of clinical mastitis were studied in 300 Dutch dairy herds and the most striking difference between farmers of herds with low and high bulk milk SCC was that the first group worked precisely rather than fast; the latter group of farmers worked quickly rather than precisely. Expand
Farm diversity, classification schemes and multifunctionality.
Benefits and limits of different classification principles are discussed by comparing two methodologies which have been extensively used in France and The Netherlands by comparing the relevance and importance of this debate. Expand
Managing technical-institutional design processes: some strategic lessons from environmental co-operatives in the Netherlands
Abstract In this paper the case of the environmental co-operatives VEL and VANLA is reviewed in terms of co-evolving technical and institutional change and the strategic lessons to be learned for aExpand
The road towards sustainable rural development: issues of theory, policy and research practice
Developing a more widespread diffusion of sustainable agricultural practices as part of progressing rural sustainable development is being hampered by different modes of environmental social thought.Expand
Land concentration and land grabbing in Europe: a preliminary analysis
Abstract This article offers three insights. First, the renewed global land rush is indeed global: it occurs in the Global North too. Second, the ongoing trend of (generic) land concentration is justExpand
Reward-seeking behavior in human narcolepsy.
It is found that narcoleptics with or without cataplexy generally have normal risk-taking behavior, but Narcoleptic patients with catapLexy were more impulsive and more prone to binge eating than patients without catAPlexy and controls. Expand
Re-balancing soil-plant-animal interactions: towards reduction of nitrogen losses
Abstract The practice of farming implies a continuous process of re-moulding and re-balancing of resources. Normally, this process is slow and hardly noticeable, but in times of transition towardsExpand
Peasant-driven agricultural growth and food sovereignty
The concept of food sovereignty presents us with an important theoretical and practical challenge. The political economy of agriculture can only take up this gauntlet through improving itsExpand
The Family Questionnaire
Efforts to improve the quality of life of children cannot be considered in isolation from the family. In this study, a short family questionnaire (FQ) is presented that clinicians, researchers, andExpand