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Advancing the Empirical Research on Lobbying
This review identifies empirical facts about lobbying that are generally agreed upon in the literature. It then discusses challenges to empirical research in lobbying and provides examples ofExpand
Subjective incompetence, the clinical hallmark of demoralization.
Abstract Subjective incompetence is self-perceived incapacity to perform tasks and express feelings deemed appropriate in a stressful situation. Subjective incompetence together with distress isExpand
Elections, Ideology, and Turnover in the U.S. Federal Government
A defining feature of public sector employment is the regular change in elected leadership. Yet, we know little about how elections influence public sector careers. We describe how elections alterExpand
The Structure and Conduct of Corporate Lobbying: How Firms Lobby the Federal Communications Commission
We examine the structure and conduct of large firm lobbying at the FCC is consistent with theories of transaction costs and the main results of theories of collective action. Expand
Depression and demoralization: phenomenologic differences and research perspectives.
Demoralization may be viewed as a combination of distress and subjective incompetence. The main problem in demoralization is the sense of incompetence experienced by the demoralized individual; thisExpand
Diagnosis and Measurement of Subjective Incompetence: The Clinical Hallmark of Demoralization
Background: This article presents the development and application of a method to diagnose and measure subjective incompetence, the clinical hallmark of demoralization. Methods: The subjects (n = 112)Expand
Congressional Control of the Courts: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Expansion of the Federal Judiciary
Congress has many available tools to influence the federal judiciary. In this article, we consider Congress' ability to balance, or stack, the courts through the creation of federal judgeships. WhileExpand
Demoralization in Parkinson disease
Objective To determine the prevalence and associated features of demoralization in Parkinson disease (PD). Methods Participants with PD and controls were prospectively recruited from outpatientExpand
When Do Firms Hire Lobbyists? The Organization of Lobbying at the Federal Communications Commission
This paper examines the explanatory power of transaction cost economics to explain vertical integration decisions for lobbying by firms. We examine 150 lobbying contacts at the Federal CommunicationsExpand