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Italians in Toronto: Development of a National Identity, 1875-1935
Italians began migrating to Toronto in large numbers toward the end of the nineteenth century. Many of these immigrants were peasants who arrived in the new world with only a vague sense ofExpand
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Piety and Nationalism: Lay Voluntary Associations and the Creation of an Irish-Catholic Community in Toronto, 1850-1895
While the role of the laity in the nationalist awakening is commonly recognized, their part in the movement for religious renewal is usually minimized. Initiative on the part of the laity has beenExpand
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Les Premiers Italiens de Montréal: L’origine de la petite Italie du Québec by Bruno Ramirez (review)
and thought of Riel. He finds that the M•tis, the country-born, and the white settlers of Red River were geographically, economically, ceremonially, and institutionally separate peoples. AlthoughExpand
Il Canada, l'Italia e il fascismo 1919–1945 by Luigi Bruti Liberati (review)
Harriet (named after her mother), who was born at Rocky Mountain House in 1859. Unlike 'old Glad's' other children who married and settled near his home in the Pincher Creek area in present-dayExpand
The Little Slaves of the Harp: Italian Child Street Musicians in Nineteenth-Century Paris, London and New York.
Virtual slaves, children were uprooted from their villages in Italy and taken to Paris, London, and New York to perform as musicians and animal exhibitors. Zucchi reveals how these Italian childrenExpand
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Book Review
others. While in Quebec, they place their hopes on the aims and aspirations of the province; outside of Quebec, they identify the~selves with the concerns of the federal government. Canadians ofExpand
Ethnicity and Neighbourhoods: Looking Backward, Facing Forward
Robert Harney was the most important influence on the history of urban ethnicity in Canada. We will examine how Harney and those who worked closely with him approached this phenomenon in the excitingExpand
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