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Generalised twisted partition functions
Abstract We consider the set of partition functions that result from the insertion of twist operators compatible with conformal invariance in a given 2D conformal field theory (CFT). A consistencyExpand
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Addendum to the paper "Combinatorics of the modular group II: the Kontsevich integrals"
Addendum to the paper Combinatorics of the Modular Group II The Kontsevich integrals, hep-th/9201001, by C. Itzykson and J.-B. Zuber (3 pages)
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Modular Invariant Partition Functions in Two-Dimensions
Abstract We present a systematic study of modular invariance of partition functions, relevant both for two-dimensional minimal conformal invariant theories and for string propagation on a SU(2) groupExpand
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The many faces of Ocneanu cells
We define generalised chiral vertex operators covariant under the Ocneanu ``double triangle algebra'' ${\cal A}\,$ a novel quantum symmetry intrinsic to a given rational 2-d conformal field theory.Expand
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Remarks about the existence of non-local charges in two-dimensional models
Abstract A simple derivation of the classical non-local conservation laws in two dimensions discovered by Luscher and Pohlmeyer is given. Several classes of models are shown to possess the sameExpand
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Matrix integration and combinatorics of modular groups
Integration over Gaussian matrix ensembles was used to obtain the virtual Euler characteristics of mapping class groups. We present some simplifications in the combinatorial part of the calculation.
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On some integrals over the U(N) unitary group and their large N limit
The integral over the U(N) unitary group I = ? DU exp Tr AU BU? is re-examined. Various approaches and extensions are first reviewed. The second half of the paper deals with more recent developments:Expand
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On the classification of bulk and boundary conformal field theories
The classification of rational conformal field theories is reconsidered from the standpoint of boundary conditions. Solving Cardy's equation expressing the consistency condition on a cylinder isExpand
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From CFT to graphs
In this paper, we pursue the discussion of the connections between rational conformal field theories (CFT) and graphs. We generalise our recent work on the relations of operator product algebra (OPA)Expand
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Conformal Invariance of Nonunitary 2d-Models.
Finite-size effects for the free energy as well as the spectrum of the transfer matrix are modified in a specific way for nonunitary conformal invariant 2d-systems. We illustrate this behaviour inExpand
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