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Plastic Optical Fibers: An Introduction to Their Technological Processes and Applications
Abstract The most significant features of plastic optical fibers (POFs) are reviewed, including the main types of POFs, their manufacture, and their possible present and future applications. AmongExpand
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Global characterization of optical power propagation in step-index plastic optical fibers.
We propose to characterize optical power transmission in stepindex plastic optical fibers by estimating fiber diffusion and attenuation as functions of the propagation angle. We assume that powerExpand
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Frequency response in step index plastic optical fibers obtained from the generalized power flow equation.
We present a method to obtain the frequency response of step index (SI) plastic optical fibers (POFs) based on the power flow equation generalized to incorporate the temporal dimension where theExpand
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Dependence of bending losses on cladding thickness in plastic optical fibers.
Our main goal is to provide a comprehensive explanation of the existing differences in bending losses arising from having step-index multimode plastic optical fibers with different cladding thicknessExpand
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Optical Fiber Sensors for Aircraft Structural Health Monitoring
Aircraft structures require periodic and scheduled inspection and maintenance operations due to their special operating conditions and the principles of design employed to develop them. Therefore,Expand
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Polymer-Optical-Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers Doped with Organic Dyes
Polymer optical fibers (POFs) doped with organic dyes can be used to make efficient lasers and amplifiers due to the high gains achievable in short distances. This paper analyzes the peculiarities ofExpand
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Theoretical Analysis of the Torsion-Induced Optical Effect in a Plastic Optical Fiber
Abstract We have analyzed the optical effects induced by a torsion stress in a plastic optical fiber (POF). As a result of the torsion, the POF becomes biaxial and inhomogeneous. The new principalExpand
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Comparing polymer optical fiber, fiber Bragg grating, and traditional strain gauge for aircraft structural health monitoring
Systems for structural health monitoring in aeronautical structures use methods of measuring the elongation that normally require too heavy setups or difficult assembly jobs, such as those based onExpand
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Light power behaviour when bending plastic optical fibres
The redistribution of light power and the radiated power along a bent section of a plastic optical fibre (POF) is analysed. In this context, a theoretical approach for understanding, and henceExpand
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Ultrasensitive vector bending sensor based on multicore optical fiber.
In this Letter, we demonstrate a compellingly simple directional bending sensor based on multicore optical fibers (MCF). The device operates in reflection mode and consists of a short segment of aExpand
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