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Rank-biased precision for measurement of retrieval effectiveness
A range of methods for measuring the effectiveness of information retrieval systems has been proposed. Expand
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Bandage: interactive visualization of de novo genome assemblies
Bandage is a Bioinformatics Application for Navigating De novo Assembly Graphs Easily. Expand
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SRST2: Rapid genomic surveillance for public health and hospital microbiology labs
Rapid molecular typing of bacterial pathogens is critical for public health epidemiology, surveillance and infection control, yet routine use of whole genome sequencing (WGS) for these purposes posesExpand
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How reliable are the results of large-scale information retrieval experiments?
  • J. Zobel
  • Computer Science
  • SIGIR '98
  • 1 August 1998
A new pooling strategy that can significantly in- creasethe number of relevant documents found for given effort, withoutcompromising fairness. Expand
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A similarity measure for indefinite rankings
We propose rank-biased overlap (RBO), a measure of the similarity between incomplete rankings, which is based on a simple probabilistic user model. Expand
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Methods for Identifying Versioned and Plagiarized Documents
We evaluate two families of methods for searching a collection to find documents that are coderivative, that is, are versions of each other. Expand
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Information retrieval system evaluation: effort, sensitivity, and reliability
The effectiveness of information retrieval systems is measured by comparing performance on a common set of queries and documents. Expand
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Phonetic string matching: lessons from information retrieval
Phonetic matching is used in applications such as name retrieval, where the spelling of a name is used to identify other strings that are likely to be of similar pronunciation. Expand
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Inverted files versus signature files for text indexing
We compare inverted files and signature files in the context of text indexing, paying particular attention to query evaluation speed and space requirements. Expand
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Exploring the similarity space
Ranked queries are used to locate relevant documents in text databases. Expand
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