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The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales
Bruno Bettelheim's study of the meaning and importance of folk tales for child development is actually an unconscious exposé of orthodox Freudianism's crippling effects on psychoanalytic theory and
Fairy Tales and the Art of Subversion
Have leisure times? Read fairy tales and the art of subversion writer by Why? A best seller publication worldwide with terrific value and material is integrated with appealing words. Where? Merely
Sticks and Stones: The Troublesome Success of Children's Literature from Slovenly Peter to Harry Potter
Table of Contents. Preface. The Cultural Homogenization of American Youth. Do You Know What We Are Doing To Your Books? Why Children's Literature Does Not Exist. The Value of Evaluating the Value of
Creative Storytelling: Building Community/Changing Lives
Jack Zipes has reinvigorated storytelling as a successful and engaging tool for teachers and professional storytellers. Encouraging storytellers, librarians, and schoolteachers to be active in this
Storytelling: Art and Technique
Contents Foreword Preface For Story's Sake: Reading as Its Own Reward PART I: HISTORY AND PRACTICE Chapter 1: Storytelling: A Historical Perspective Chapter 2: Storytelling to Children in Libraries
The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales
From its roots in the oral tradition to the sophisticated, postmodernist reworkings of the present day, the fairy tale has retained its powerful hold over the cultural imagination of Europe and North
The mass ornament
ness of contemporary thinking is therefore ambivalent. From the point of view of mythological teachings, in which nature naively asserts itself, the process of abstraction as it is practiced in the
Fairy Tale as Myth/Myth as Fairy Tale
When we think of the fairy tale today, we primarily think of the classical fairy tale. We think of those fairy tales that are the most popular in the Western world: “Cinderella,” “Snow White,”