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Astigmatism after penetrating keratoplasty using the Krumeich guided trephine system.
The Krumeich guided trephine system produced less keratometric astigmatism than manual trephination after penetrating keratoplasty for keratoconus. Expand
Evaluation of flurbiprofen‐exposed irises to acetylcholine anterior chamber irrigation
The pupillary response to acetylcholine after it had been exposed to Ocufen dampens the iris musculature's response to neurotransmitter-like substances in a manner that implies that OcUFen dampen the irissmusculature’s response toacetylCholine. Expand
Effects of topical suprofen and flurbiprofen on the miosis produced by anterior chamber irrigation with cholinergic agonists
In anterior chambers irrigated with carbachol, suprofen was associated with less miosis than either tears or flurbiprofen, and if the infusion was performed with acetylcholine, no differences between the three groups were noted. Expand
Reduction of cat eye movements using retrobulbar botulinum toxin.
The results indicate that a single retrobulbar dose of Botulinum toxin can produce a paralysis of the ocular musculature lasting in excess of four weeks in a specific and reproducible manner. Expand
Bringing state-of-the-art ophthalmic technology to this Caribbean nation is a challenging but rewarding task.
APRIL 2009 I CATARACT & REFRACTIVE SURGERY TODAY I 77 F or the past few years, the St. Pius X Catholic Church Medical Clinic has provided much needed medical, dental, and ophthalmic care to theExpand