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The Meaning of Righteousness in Paul: A Linguistic and Theological Enquiry
Preface Abbreviations Introduction 1. The Old Testament 2. Greek usage of dikaios and cognates 3. Later Judaism I: the Septuagint 4. Later Judaism II: intertestamental writings 5. Later Judaism III:Expand
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Luke and the Pharisees
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The Role of the Tenth Commandment in Romans 7
Le " tu ne convoiteras pas " ne vise pas l'auto-justification, ni la sexualite, mais le desir en general. C'est sur ce point et sur ce point seulement que la loi est incapable de donner ce qu'elleExpand
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Paul's Letter to the Romans
Stands as a model of theological exposition and is the first commentary to take full account of the revolution in Pauline studies inaugurated by E.P. Sanders.
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Which is the Best Commentary? XII. The Pastoral Epistles
time later than Paul, often the time of Ignatius of Antioch. The Paulinists, on the other hand, may tend to minimize the element of hierarchy in the Pastorals, while also emphasizing the signs ofExpand
Righteousness in Christ
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Book Reviews
depend upon membership of the church) and truth (which is found in Christianity more than in other faiths) is important. And it is also important to see that belief lies behind action. G. A. F.Expand
Book Reviews : Pa Ul and Stoicism
Engberg-Pedersen has undertaken a massive study of Paul, or rather of the Paul of Philippians, Galatians and Romans, in the light of Stoicism. In the process he has thrown a great deal of light uponExpand
Book Reviews : Did Luke Know Paul's Tho Ught?