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Glycerol production by microbial fermentation: a review.
Improvements have been made in the glycerol production using osmotolerant yeasts on a commercial scale in China in recent years and a carrier distillation technique with a Glycerol distillation efficiency greater than 90% has been developed. Expand
Cytochrome P450 2E1 contributes to ethanol‐induced fatty liver in mice
It is suggested that CYP2E1‐derived oxidative stress may inhibit oxidation of fatty acids by preventing up‐regulation of PPARα by ethanol, resulting in fatty liver. Expand
Enterovirus D68 Subclade B3 Strain Circulating and Causing an Outbreak in the United States in 2016
Comparative genome analysis confirmed that a new EV-D68 strain belonging to subclade B3, with 3.2–4.8% divergence in nucleotide from sub clade B1 strains identified during the 2014 US outbreak, was circulating in the US in 2016 and caused an outbreak in the Lower Hudson Valley, New York with 160 laboratory-confirmed cases. Expand
CTX-M β-Lactamase–producing Klebsiella pneumoniae in Suburban New York City, New York, USA
The recent emergence and polyclonal spread of multidrug resistant CTX-M–producing K. pneumoniae isolates among patients in a hospital setting in the United States is demonstrated. Expand
B-Raf and the inhibitors: from bench to bedside
The B-Raf protein is a key signaling molecule in the mitogen activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling pathway and has been implicated in the pathogenesis of a variety of cancers. An important V600EExpand
Glycerol production by a novel osmotolerant yeast Candida glycerinogenes
Candida glycerinogenes, an osmotolerant yeast isolated from a natural sample in an environment of high osmotic pressure, had a modest sugar-tolerance and an extremely high glycerol productivity and was obtained by using a 30-l agitated fermentor under optimal fermentation conditions. Expand
Expression of dha Operon Required for 1,3-PD Formation in Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
The results demonstrated that the recombinant S. cerevisiae strain W303-1A-BT that can produce 1,3-PD at low cost was constructed and might open a novel way to a safe and cost-efficient method for microbial production of 1, 3-PD. Expand
Construction of a Novel Expression System in Klebsiella pneumoniae and its Application for 1,3-Propanediol Production
The first reported expression system of Klebsiella pneumoniae has paved the way for improvement of 1,3-PD production and will be available and efficient for other heterologous gene expression in K. pneumoniae. Expand
Sensitive detection of BRAF V600E mutation by Amplification Refractory Mutation System (ARMS)-PCR
The results indicate that ARMS-PCR is more sensitive than automated dideoxy sequencing in detecting low BRAF V600E allele burdens in FFPE tumor specimen. Expand
Heterogeneity of TERT promoter mutations status in squamous cell carcinomas of different anatomical sites.
The results may support the hypothesis of different carcinogenesis mechanisms of SCC in different sites and indicate that TERT promoter mutation could be a biomarker for distinguishing skin SCC or UC-SqD vs pulmonary SCC. Expand