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Describing Linked Datasets On the Design and Usage of voiD, the "Vocabulary Of Interlinked Datasets"
We discuss the design and implementation of voiD, the \Vocabulary Of Interlinked Datasets", a vocabulary that allows to formally describe linked RDF datasets. Expand
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On stability, L 2 -gain and H 8 control for switched systems
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Distributed coordination in dynamic spectrum allocation networks
Device coordination in open spectrum systems is a challenging problem, particularly since users experience varying spectrum availability over time and location. Expand
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Towards Robust and Hidden Image Copyright Labeling
This paper first presents a "hidden label" approach for identifying the ownership and distribution of multimedia information (image or video data) in digital networked environment. Expand
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Cooperative Adaptive Fuzzy Tracking Control for Networked Unknown Nonlinear Multiagent Systems With Time-Varying Actuator Faults
In this paper, the cooperative adaptive fault tolerant fuzzy tracking control problem of networked high-order multiagent with time-varying actuator faults is studied, and a novel CAFTFTC scheme is proposed to guarantee that all follower nodes asymptotically synchronize a leader node with tracking errors converging to a small adjustable neighborhood of the origin. Expand
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m6A mRNA methylation controls T cell homeostasis by targeting IL-7/STAT5/SOCS pathway
N6-methyladenosine (m6A) is the most common and abundant messenger RNA modification, modulated by ‘writers’, ‘erasers’ and ‘readers’ of this mark. In vitro data have shown that m6A influences allExpand
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Spectrum sharing through distributed coordination in dynamic spectrum access networks
We propose a distributed coordination protocol (HD-MAC) to construct an efficient signaling path in the presence of spectrum dynamics, without relying on the existence of a pre-assigned out-of-band control channel. Expand
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Zero-preserving imputation of scRNA-seq data using low-rank approximation
Single cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq) methods have revolutionized the study of gene expression but are plagued by dropout events, a phenomenon where genes actually expressed in a given cell areExpand
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This paper investigates the problem of robust fault-tolerant control for a class of uncertain switched nonlinear systems in lower triangular form. A system of this class involves parameterExpand
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Security modeling and efficient computation offloading for service workflow in mobile edge computing
We propose a security and energy efficient computation offloading (SEECO) strategy for service workflows in MEC environment, the goal of which is to optimize the energy consumption under the risk probability and deadline constraints. Expand
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