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Unexpected development of autoimmunity in BAFF‐R‐mutant MRL‐lpr mice
BAFF‐R is the predominant receptor that mediates B‐cell activating factor (BAFF)‐dependent B‐cell signalling and plays a critical role in late‐stage B‐cell maturation and survival. BAFF has beenExpand
miR-543 inhibites cervical cancer growth and metastasis by targeting TRPM7.
Dysregulation of miR-543 has been implicated to play crucial roles in various human cancers. However, the function of miR-543 involved in cervical cancer (CC) progress remains largely unknown. Thus,Expand
Influence of corona poling on the electrostrictive behavior of cellular polypropylene films
In this study, a quadratic electric field dependence of the strain on the −30 kV corona-charged cellular polypropylene (PP) was observed, which was found to mainly originate from electrostrictionExpand
Youngia zhengyiana (Asteraceae, Crepidinae), a new species from south China, with notes on the systematics of Youngia inferred from morphology and nrITS phylogeny
Youngia zhengyiana, a new species of Youngia sect. Mesomeris (Asteraceae: Crepidinae) from Guizhou province of south China is described and illustrated. The placement of this species within YoungiaExpand
Association of the programmed cell death-1 PD1.5 C>T polymorphism with cervical cancer risk in a Chinese population.
The association of the programmed cell death-1 PD1.5 C>T polymorphism with cervical cancer risk has not been investigated. In this hospital-based case-control study, we analyzed 256 patients withExpand
One-step synthesis of ultrathin nanobelts-assembled urchin-like anatase TiO2 nanostructures for highly efficient photocatalysis
Nanostructured TiO2 materials with a controlled morphology and structure have drawn considerable attention to both fundamental research and practical applications owing to their uniqueExpand
Assessment of Serum Antioxidant Status in Patients with Silicosis
Prolonged exposure to silica dust causes an imbalance in the generation of free radicals and in the antioxidant system, thereby inducing oxidative stress. The antioxidant status of 113 silicosisExpand
Enhanced photocatalytic performance of Er-doped Bi24O31Br10: Facile synthesis and photocatalytic mechanism
Erbium (Er) doped Bi24O31Br10 samples were successfully prepared by using a solvothermal method. The samples were characterized by XRD, XPS, SEM, TEM, BET, DRS, PL and EIS. The photocatalyticExpand
Electrochemical Lithiation of Covalently Bonded Sulfur in Vulcanized Polyisoprene
We report the synthesis of vulcanized polyisoprene (SPIP) nanowires and an investigation of the electrochemical lithiation mechanism of the covalently bonded sulfur bridges in SPIP. ElectrochemicalExpand
Effect of Angiopoietin-Like Protein 4 on Severe Acute Pancreatitis-induced Lung Injury in Rats
Numbers of therapeutic options have been explored for acute pancreatitis (AP), but none has been proven to be effective in clinic. Angiopoietin-like 4 (Angptl4) is a circulating protein,Expand